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Wessex Financial Services

Financial strategies geared for a better retirement

Each client’s needs are different and specific to his or her particular situation.

Wessex Financial & Insurance Services understands the importance of communication with understanding and true compassion for your financial well-being. The Wessex team works diligently to help ensure our clients are informed about the products and services we recommend so they can make informed decisions.

We base our solutions and strategies first on added protection and then on growth. At Wessex Financial & Insurance Services, we believe that no rate of return is high enough to risk the loss of someone’s future retirement.

Whether you’re currently retired or just starting to figure out an income plan, let Wessex Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. show you a safer way to achieve your financial dreams.

Why Wessex Financial?

With decades of experience helping clients with their financial and insurance needs, we carefully research and choose products that are the best in the industry. The Wessex team is continually searching for tools and strategies to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

We believe in educating ourselves thoroughly about the products and services we offer to ensure we can explain them clearly and easily to our clients. As an independent firm, we don’t base our recommendations on relationships with certain companies but instead on what we feel will work best for each client’s individual goals and situation.

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