Tax-Free Retirement

With taxes at historic lows, our government continues to explore new ways to tax your current and future earnings. Our experts can teach you how to safely build a nest egg to create tax-free retirement income. We can also show ways to multiply an IRA two or three-fold for future generations. The financial legacies we help create are far beyond our clients’ expectations.

High Net-Worth Estate Planning

Our out-of-control national debt combined with the almost certainty of increased taxes represents a significant threat to high net-worth families and individuals. Failing to plan correctly can cost your loved ones millions when you are gone. For 19 years, we’ve helped maximize the assets you intend for family and loved ones.

Business Owner Strategies

While focused on building their businesses, most business owners tend ignore their own retirement income needs. We are a vastly underserved segment of the financial marketplace. Wessex can employ multiple strategies to help business owners create substantial retirement assets without purely relying on the sale of their business and having to include all of their employee population.

Retirement Planning

Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin planning your retirement. Start planning your retirement as early as possible. Let us show you how to prepare a safe and protected retirement with no risk of losing your hard-earned savings.

Cash Flow Creation

Our experienced team can show you how to create more cash flow, helping you streamline your financial situation and prepare your family for the future. Our strategies are easy to understand and simple to implement. Let us show you how to adjust your budget and increase your cash flow.

Insurance Protection

Don’t leave your family unprepared in the case of your unexpected passing. Whether it’s life, health or other insurance needs, let Wessex Financial & Insurance Inc. help you find the right plan for your needs.

Risk Management

Our team can analyze every facet of your personal and professional risk profile. Based on in-depth analysis and specific Wessex recommendations, our clients make truly wise decisions to mitigate real-world risks to their current and future net-worth.

Savings Building

Just like your emergency fund is crucial to build up, increasing your savings is an important step in becoming financially secure. Wessex Financial & Insurance Inc. offers personalized help, so you can straighten out your finances for a successful future.