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Scott Foulk

Scott Foulk

Scott began his financial services career in 1996, dedicating himself to helping people achieve their financial dreams. An award-winning financial representative for almost 23 years, his honors include earning the Americo Financial Achievement Award in 2003 and 2006. Scott prides himself on being a financial educator first, assisting clients with their finances, and helping them make informed choices to get closer to their financial goals.

With his experience in retirement preservation and asset protection, Scott has helped over 2,000 clients plan for their futures. Scott collaborates with seasoned tax advisors to help clients lower their tax bills when possible. He can also show clients strategies that may even increase their monthly fixed income, create tax-free income when possible, and protect their financial futures.

When he’s not in the office, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife, Charlotte, and their three children, Blake, Gracie, and Kelsie. Scott is a member of various charitable organizations throughout the Kern County area.

Company Philosophy

With decades of experience helping clients with their financial and insurance needs, we carefully research and choose products that are the best in the industry. The Wessex team is continually searching for tools and strategies to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

We believe in knowing the products and services we offer backward and forward to ensure we can explain them clearly and easily to our clients. As an independent firm, we don’t base our recommendations on relationships with certain companies but instead on what we feel will work best for each client’s individual goals and situation.

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