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Business Owner Strategies

Around 39% of small business owners say they don’t feel confident in their retirement income plan. If you own a small business, you’ve probably spent a good bit of your career looking out for your employees, customers, and building a business you can be proud of. As a result, you may have ignored your own retirement needs. This isn’t uncommon, making small business owners a vastly underserved segment of the financial marketplace.

Isn’t time you considered your own retirement income needs?

Wessex Financial Services can implement strategies to help business owners preserve retirement assets without purely relying on the sale of their businesses and having to include all of their employee population. When you sit down with us, we’ll look at your current exit strategy and retirement income plan to see how we might assist in creating a diverse strategy that can serve you for a retirement you can be proud of.

Business owner retirement planning in Keene, CA

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