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Retirement Income Planning

We’ve heard many people nearing retirement wonder how long their retirement income will last them. As people live longer, there is the growing possibility they could very well outlive the assets they set aside for retirement. Thankfully, there are options to help alleviate some of this anxiety.

Wessex Financial Strategies provides a number of financial products and services to help lay the foundation for a retirement income you can’t outlive.


Tax-Advantaged Retirement Income

With taxes at historic lows, our government continues to explore new ways to tax your current and future earnings.

Our team can inform you about how to build a nest egg to create tax-free retirement income and how to leave a legacy for future generations. We seek to create financial legacies far beyond our clients’ expectations.


Cash Flow Creation

The seasoned team at Wessex Financial can show you strategies to potentially create more cash flow, helping you streamline your financial situation and prepare your family for the future. Our strategies are easy to understand and simple to implement. Let us show you how to adjust your budget with increased your cash flow in mind.


Savings Building

Just like it’s critical to build your emergency fund, increasing your savings is also an important step in becoming more financially secure. Wessex Financial & Insurance offers personalized help so that you can streamline your finances for a more successful future.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin planning your retirement. Start as early as possible. Let us show you how to prepare for a retirement focused on a higher degree of safety and with reduced risk of losing your hard-earned savings to market volatility.

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